Voice Problems?

Dr. Mary Es Anderson says it best: "The voice is a representation of our selves to the world. Voices convey depth, intention, meaning, and flavor to our words."  Voice problems can negatively your life.  Take our short voice questionnaire below to determine how severe your problems may be:

Your Voice Questionnaire

Does your voice make it difficult for people to hear you?

Do people have difficulty understanding you in a noisy room?

Do your voice difficulties restrict your personal and social life?

Do you feel left out of conversations because of your voice?

Do your voice problems cause you to lose income?

Do you feel as though you have to strain to produce your voice?

Is the clarity of your voice unpredictable?

Do your voice problems upset you?

Does your voice make you feel handicapped?

Do people often ask, "What’s wrong with your voice?"

This questionnaire is to be used as a guide and not a physician's diagnosis.  Click below to learn more about your results.

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